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What is a Booking Fee?

The Booking Fee is a non refundable deposit that secures your session date in our appointment calendar.

Does the Booking Fee cover the Session?

The Session Fee is an additional charge that typically ranges from $175 to $250, depending on the type of session. The Session Fee covers the time to take photos, editing time, and the delivery of your digital images in an online gallery and a usb that we deliver to you.

Why do we charge a Booking Fee?

Believe it or not, before we even meet up for photos, we've typically already spent several hours working on your session! This includes phone calls, texts or emails, in addition to sending sample images, discussing details about your session and more. We also spend about a half hour to an hour setting up a scene in our park or studio. In the winter, it takes about 3 hours to warm up the studio before a session.

We love working for you! We can't wait to hang out and make great portraits you're gonna love!

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