We are a welcoming tribe of Ninjas 

Our self protection program serves students from 1st grade through 10th grade

boys, girls and parents too! 

We are a self protection program!

We build skills! We have fun!

We learn how to deal with conflict and violence.

We focus. We challenge ourselves. We learn. We grow together in a positive environment.

We learn boundary setting, self value, character development, social skills, physical skills, situational control, self defense, counter assault tactics, scaling force and self control in a challenging and safe environment. 

We are a non-competitive self defense program. We inspire the modern ninja to embrace a lifestyle of confidence, self empowerment and mindfulness. 

Our leadership is inspired by the legendary Stephan K Hayes To-Shin-Do way. It has Japanese Jujitsu origins but apples to the modern lifestyle and offers practical solutions to modern problems. 


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