Age of Magnus by Sarah Rudy

Table of Contents

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01:  The Pedians of Fallen City

02:  Nowhere, Kansas

03:  Invisible Flowers

04:  The Singularity is Near

05:  The Android Orchid Gardener

06:  Spirit in the Sky

07:  Mayan Apocalypse

08:  The Blue Marble

09:  Failed Contact

10:  Nonhuman Prisoners

11:  The Rusting Man

12:  Leaving Ēlýsion pedíon

13:  The Glass Alien

14:  Alien Autopsy

15: Highschool Drama

16:  We Are Here

17:  After the War

18:  Belated Christmas

19:  Running of the Teens

20:  Coast 2 Coast

21:  The Hunted

22:  Failed Mission

23:  End of the World

24:  Eden

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