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Portraits are classic and fun. We create something timeless that will look great on your wall for years to come. We never pose you, but direct you into flattering looks. And we've rarely met a kid that didn't have fun with us. We guarantee they will! And if someone is a grumpy pants, you are welcome to come back on a better day. (It's only happened twice in all these years!)

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Dave + Sarah

Dave was a photographer in Muncie, Indiana.
Sarah was a photographer in Findlay, Ohio.

In 2013, they met in an online photographer's chat group when they began Liking and Commenting on one another's work.

Then he visited her studio.
And their friendship bloomed.
And she wound up moving to Muncie.
And together, they started a photo park and studio.
Dave did the building. Sarah micromanaged.

Since Dave and Sarah produced very similar photo work, Sarah began to focus on managing the business, editing and helping shoot while Dave works with the smallest children.

Together, we are Muncie Fine Portraits.

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teaches self defense

is a gardener and builder

has been taking photos of people for over 35 years!

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draws portraits of people + pets

is writing a graphic novel
about a cat

has been taking photos of people since 2006 +

doing video since 2017

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Rory + Mike

Rory helps shy kids

Mike photobombs

both hang out in the park and are best friends

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