Hello! I'm Sarah, your new Veggie Friend!

In 2017, I'm celebrating 22 years meat free and 40 awesome trips around the sun!

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About Me:
I first began my crusade for our friends in fur, feathers and scales back when I was just 13! It was then, that for a current events report at school, I stumbled upon the subject of vivisection and my heart felt like it was breaking. How could anyone hurt animals like that when they didn't have to? So right away, I began talking to my Mom and Dad and asking for them to look for products by cruelty free companies. Those were the days before the World Wide Web made it so easy, so I had to do a lot of phone calling to the companies to ask questions.

In 1995, right after I graduated high school, my friend gave me some information on how animals were raised for food. Once again, my heart was broken. And I decided that I would never eat meat again. A lot of people think I must have been born a vegetarian, but the truth is, I loved meat! The last meat I ate was a huge bag of home made beef jerky and I never touched the stuff again. While I loved meat, I didn't love participating in that kind of animal cruelty. So that was that!

Over the years, I began giving up more and more animal products like leather, wool, feathers, milk and dairy, and eggs until today, where I live happily and comfortably without them. Back when I first gave up meat, I had to drive an hour away to buy veggie burgers and they were $9 for a box of four! The word "vegetarian" was something that very few people were familiar with. I got a lot of strange looks. People laughed. And surprisingly, people often got angry with me when I told them I didn't eat meat! What an odd thing to upset people..

Today, being a vegetarian is super easy. A lot of people are doing it for health reasons. A lot of people are becoming more and more familiar with the suffering that eating meat and animal products causes the animals. So many people are giving up that nasty stuff for so many reasons.

You know, now you can pick up a box of veggie burgers just about anywhere for less than $3!

There are so many options nowadays! But if you are new to finding them, you probably have a lot of questions. That's why I decided to offer myself as your shopping buddy!

That's right! If you are at the grocery store and need to know what to substitute for the animal products in your favorite dish, have a question about an ingredient.. if you have an ethical animal rights question you just don't know the answer to.. or even if you are at a friend's house, engaged in debate with no comeback, text me!

I will respond by text message. Text anytime, any day of the week, even holidays and I will get back with you as soon as I'm able to.

Text me with your questions   320 -31vegan


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Questions and Links to the Answers

Over the years, I've done a lot of research into the various topics of Animal Rights and Plant Based Diets. Below, I've included some common questions. Just click the Question to see an article or movie.

What to Eat

What to Eat at Your Local Restaurant

How I Eat Vegan (blog)

Great Recipes!

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Replacing Eggs in Recipes

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Animals as Food

How are Cows raised?

Why is Dairy cruel?

How are Chickens raised?

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Free Range is okay, right?

Why is it wrong to eat Pigs?

Fish don't feel pain like we do, do they?

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Animals as Clothing

What's wrong with Fur?

What do you mean they sell Dog and Cat Fur?

Wool and Leather are just byproducts, rights?? (pdf)

Animals as Entertainment

What's the matter with Circuses?

Isn't Bullfighting just a tradition?

Aren't Zoos helping animals?

Isn't Sea World saving dolphins and whales?

Pet Overpopulation

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Animals and the Environment

I saw an article that plants feel pain. Is that true?

Is Animal Agriculture Sustainable?

Doesn't Hunting manage Wildlife?

How does Meat and Dairy Production harm the Environment? (movie)

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How does my Hamburger cause Human Starvation? (pdf)

Animals in Experimentation

What do my toothpaste and eyeshadow have to do with hurting animals?

What are some myths about Animal Testing?

Are there other ways to look for cures for disease?

Animals and Christianity

Does God want us to eat meat?

But didn't Jesus eat Fish? (movie)

What Would Jesus Eat? (pdf)

Were early Christians Vegetarian?

What about the Garden of Eden?

Was Jesus a Vegan? (movie)

Vegetarian Teachings of the Essene

Honoring God's Creation, pt. 1 (movie)

Honoring God's Creation, pt. 1 (movie)

Other Excellent Links to Info

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Meet your Meat (video)

Charities that Do and Don't Test on Animals

Companies that Do and Don't Test on Animals

the Man that Gave up a Family Fortune for his Morals

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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