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Calico Corner

Calico Corner Park is a work-in-progress park at the corner of 16th and Meeker, crossed by the Cardinal Greenway Trail in Muncie, Indiana.

This park will be entirely for the community, but kept up by myself, Sarah Dorman, with the help of any volunteers who want to see it come to fruition.

We are planting trees next week, with fence installation to follow. Wheelchair accessible path with be poured by Top coat driveway sealing & repair on May 22. We will be adding a prayer nook, benches, parking area, and cleaning up the free book stand already there.

Please check us out on Facebook for the best updates!
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Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 8 33 39 PM

VVV     Dave + Sarah, shoveling wood chips.     VVV


UPDATE 3.14.21 We are now done woodchipping and will be working to spread and even out the chips. We will also be working on clearing out the brush with poison berries along the fence.


<<< We want to make a prayer nook like this at the back of the park, nestled under the trees.

We need the supplies to make it including doors, roofing metal, etc.

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