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Beanbag Kitties - Build a Playset

Available for purchase locally in Muncie, Indiana, or online at Etsy! See my link, above.
The fun, child's palm sized beanbag kitty! Adopt a friend. Adopt a whole litter! Order a custom cat that looks like yours! Order a Surprise Adoption and get a surprise kitty! Add accessories for a complete playtime experience. Fun for all ages. You just can't stand the cute!

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Available for purchase locally in Muncie, Indiana, or online at Etsy! See my link, above.
Miniature! Poseable! Feral cats and mice. Great Desk sitters. Conversation piece! Available in bulk if you want to do a fundraiser!

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  • Couple3
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Digital and Traditional Art

I'm a self taught artist that loves to vary my style.
I do digital paintings, watercolors, pastel drawings and pencil portraits.

Contact me and let's talk about your project and options!

You can order a pet portrait and tell me how realistic or cartoony you want it!

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  • 2021040700012042-8274373857766255567-Untitled_Artwork 7-X4
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  • Untitled photo
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Box! Box!

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